Donald J. Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project

UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. The case involves the Supreme Court’s review of a lower court ruling about the President’s Executive Order (EO) banning travel from countries posing a national security risk. The lower court, ignoring the plain meaning of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, said the EO violated the Clause because it was not motivated by a secular purpose (as evidenced by rhetoric uttered during the presidential campaign).


Board of Education of Highland School v. Jane Doe

FEDERAL COURT OF APPEALS, SIXTH CIRCUIT. This case involves eleven-year-old Jane Doe, who is biologically a boy but, while a mere kindergartener, was labeled a transgendered girl. Jane Doe seeks to use the girl’s bathroom and changing room, and not the private unisex bathroom offered by the elementary school, or else Jane Doe threatens to imminently commit suicide.

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