Mask Requirement Notice for Michigan Businesses

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued EO 2020-153 which requires all businesses to force their customers to wear masks and for businesses to post a notice regarding the mask requirement. Although these EOs are still legally questionable and currently being litigated in the courts, the following is a sample notice.


Please take notice that Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order (EO 2020-153, dated July 17, 2020) requiring the use of a “face covering over their nose and mouth” by anyone in an indoor public space. Although the authority of the Governor’s actions is being challenged in court and is under judicial review, her EO requires my business to deny services to anyone entering my premises without a face covering.
However, if you have a medical problem, condition, or disease, such that you cannot medically tolerate wearing a face covering, you are exempt from the requirement to wear a face covering (EO 2020-153, paragraph 2.b). Moreover, you cannot be discriminated against under any Michigan or Federal constitutional provisions or statutes that protect individuals from discrimination based upon their medical problem, condition, or disease (EO 2020-153, paragraphs 5 and 6).
Further, based upon Michigan and Federal privacy laws we cannot legally inquire into any medical problem, condition, or disease you may have. You are not required to inform us of any specific medical problem, condition, or disease you may have. Therefore, if you enter my business premises without a face covering and state that you have an unspecified medical problem, condition, or disease, you are welcome to enter my business to utilize my services based upon your own good faith statement regarding your undisclosed health condition.

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