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ISSUE BRIEF – Williamston School Board Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity Policies

It is the duty of the school board to affirm and uphold constitutionally-protected freedoms, not pass laws granting special protections for some, while coercing and compelling others to comply with a political agenda.

October 2nd, 2017|Education, Good Governance, Issue Brief, Religious Liberty|

ISSUE BRIEF – LGBTQ Agenda Ensuring Boys can Invade the Girl’s Locker Room

After the Michigan State Board of Education (SBE) failed to adequately notify either the public or the legislature about its contentious LGBTQ proposal, considerable controversy erupted. No wonder. One SBE provision provides that “[s]tudents should be allowed to use the restroom in accordance with their gender identity.”

May 16th, 2016|Education, Family, Good Governance, Issue Brief|


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