PRESS RELEASE – Election Fraud Emergency Appeal Filed

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Press Release:

Lansing, Michigan – Great Lakes Justice Center (GLJC) filed an emergency appeal of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny’s Opinion and Order denying GLJC’s request for an audit of the election results and for an injunction stopping the certification of the election results. The complaint alleges significant fraud in the election vote-counting procedures. Former Secretary of State Ruth Johnson signed an affidavit stating she reviewed the complaint and affidavits and supported the granting of an injunction and having an audit. The suit states Wayne County election officials allowed illegal, unlawful, and fraudulent processing of votes cast in last Tuesday’s election. Numerous witnesses have filed sworn affidavits under oath attesting to the fraudulent activities they observed directly. These acts disenfranchised lawful voters and potentially changed the outcome of the election. A copy of the appeal, the complaint, and all affidavits can be found at

Examples of the numerous legal and factual errors in the trial court decision include:

  • Judge Kenny declined to enforce the clear language of the Michigan Constitution permitting voters to request an audit to review the “accuracy and integrity” of the election.
  • Judge Kenny places great emphasis on the fact that Plaintiffs and their witnesses failed to attend a walk-through meeting for poll challengers held prior to the election. However, neither the Plaintiffs nor their witnesses were informed of this meeting. It is impossible to attend a meeting that a person is not made aware of and has no knowledge that it is being held. Yet, the trial court holds their non-attendance against them in his decision.
  • Judge Kenny places great emphasis on the fact that a large computer monitor was available for poll challengers to review the names of voters as votes were tabulated. The court fails to note that these monitors are meaningless if the poll challengers are denied the right to see the actual ballots being counted so they can compare the names on the actual ballots with the names appearing on the monitor. The trial court ignored this clear violation.
  • Judge Kenny emphasizes that no official challenges were filed, but once again he leaves out important facts. Plaintiffs attached numerous affidavits testifying to the fact that challenges were simply denied on site, were not accepted by Defendants, and many of the poll challengers were denied re-entry and/or access to the counting room in order to make a challenge. Defendants literally locked them out of the room.

David A. Kallman, Senior Counsel with the GLJC, stated, “Voters are entitled to the enforcement of their constitutional rights, to know that their elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner, and to ensure every legal vote is properly counted. We ask the Court of Appeals to enjoin the certification of this fraudulent election and order a results-oriented audit of the vote in Wayne County.”

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